Nicole Nurthen Photography
School Pictures

1. Click the day your child had their photo taken
2. To make a purchase or choose the image for your prepaid purchase click the cart on the image of your choice.
3.If you prepaid for a package select the photo you want for that package. Then click the cart and select Choice of image from drop down menu.
4. If you want to purchase a package. Click the image you want. Thank select the little cart and pick a package to add to the cart.
5. If you pick package 4. Click the one of the 3 images you want. Add package to the cart. Then go pick 2 other images you want and select the my other choices under package 4.
6. Add any add ons at the end by picking from the drop down menu or leave it at None.
7. If you pick a digital background add on ($15 charge under add ons), go to the Digital background tab (on the welcome/home page) and look at the options. Then click the cart on the background you want and select "my background choice" and add to cart. 
*remember all backgrounds will be flipped vertical or cropped vertical. Digital backgrounds only look best on waist up images.
*there should be some sort of charge if you didn't already prepay. If your cart says zero you did something wrong.

Any questions or comments please contact me